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  • How To Blow Up A Tyre

    Decided to do a series of short instructional posts on some bike basics, first up is How To Blow Up A Tyre. In the UK you will find 2 main types of valves (the bit the air goes into) on bikes the first is called Presta this is a thinner valve more commonly found on […]

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  • Uvex Sunglasses Review

    Uvex Sunglasses Review. So I treated myself to a new pair of Uvex sunglasses, and I thought it best to do a review of them. I always wear sunglasses whilst on my bike, too many times has a bug, bee or stone flown up and hit me, and if it was not for the glasses […]

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  • Showers Pass Clothing has arrived at Pronto Gara

    With the unpredictable, and more often than not wet, weather here in Scotland, we thought it would be a good idea to bring in some NICE waterproof and colour outerwear! “Portland, Ore. based Showers PassĀ® designs and markets technically innovative cycling outerwear and bicycle accessories to top independent bicycle dealers, specialty retailers and a strong, […]

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